These skateboard hangers are an easy and efficient way to display a skateboard and they hang your skateboard deck at ANY angle.  Vertical, horizontal or any angle in between and only one PUCK needed per skateboard!  No wire or hooks, that  not only look ugly, but can damage the truck holes. Pucks offer an affordable and deck friendly option.  Easily hang decks vertically or at any angle,  use two and hang each half of a snapped skateboard or line them up and show off either side of your skateboard collection. Old School skateboard decks work using only two of the pegs!   

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Get Creative!
We would love to have photos of your skateboard deck pucked to include in our photo album. Got a collection of skateboards hung with Skate Pucks?  Just one deck pucked with a Skate Puck.  Doesn't matter how many, just show us your pucked decks.  Email us a photo!  Puck it up and shoot us a photo to use on our website.

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Our PUCKs are Green
Our products ar
e made in the USA and manufactured using sustainable harvested wood.  We use earth friendly packaging and make every effort to recycle, reuse and reduce. 


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